Victoriaplum Living

Most people know for being an online bathroom store right? WRONG!!! They now do living furniture as well and recently I was lucky enough to get a little sneak peep into their new lines and I am so excited to share some of their exciting new products with you!

They have three main ranges at the moment; living furniture range, a country furniture range and a modern furniture range and all of them are lovely but I am particularly enamored with their county furniture range! The living furniture has a slightly industrial feel to it which is great if you can pull that type of thing off in your home (we can’t as our house is old!) and the modern range would most probably fit in the majority of home but the country range is just gorgeous in my opinion!

Their Austin range doesn’t actually go live until the 24th May but as I said, I was given a little sneak peek and wanted to show you guys 🙂

The range is classic and timeless with a re-purposed furniture look about it which I love. It is beautifully finished with decorative handles and turnkey features, I feel that these pieces really stand out whilst not demanding your attention when you walk into the room.

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