Portable Scanner Buying Guide

The advancement of technology is constantly making the completion of different tasks easy without expending too much time and effort. You can now scan and digitize physically document without using flatbed scanners thanks to the invention of portable scanners. They are small handheld electronic devices that function just like flatbed scanners. Portable scanners are designed to provide you with an easy way to scan, store, transfer, edit and even email contents without any hassle.

Furthermore, these types of scanners are popular as they are useful in places if you are looking to digitize document in places where you don’t have access to flatbed models. They are also ideal if you have limited space since flatbed scanners are known to take up a significant amount of space.


Advantages of Portable Scanners

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  • Most individuals prefer handheld scanners because they are easy to use for the digitalization of documents anywhere and everywhere compared to the use of flatbed models.
  • These types of scanners are lightweight and moderately sized. This invariably means that they can be easily carried from place to place without any hassle.
  • Portable scanners are inexpensive compared to flatbed models.

Downsides of Portable Scanners

  • Portable scanners do not ship with a feed feature. This invariably means that you will have to scan documents manually using a step by step method which may be stressful to some individuals.
  • It is not ideal for the completion of bulky tasks as it will take a relatively long period of time.
  • Portable scanners, unlike their flatbed counterpart, work operate slowly.
  • It is only used for scanning documents and not ideal for use with photos.
  • These types of scanners can only be used by experienced individuals since you need to keep the device straight for the best result.
  • Portable scanners are small-size which invariably means that they may not work well with large paper sizes.
  • It may require you to charge every now and then for the best experience.


Important Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Portable Scanner

Fuel3D handheld portable 3D scanner

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Portable Scanner Resolution

The resolution of the portable scanner you want to purchase is an important factor that should be considered carefully. You will find that most portable scanners on the market ships with about 300 dpi which is usually sufficient for scanning documents. However, you may want to consider going for a product that ships with about 600 dpi if you are looking to scan photos.


Operation Speed

The operation speed of the portable scanner you are about to purchase is important. You will find that most portable scanners have an operating speed of about 6 to 8 pages per minute. However, this is heavily dependent on the type and brand you purchase. In any case, it is advised to go for a product that works fast for the best experience.


Important Features

The features incorporated in the portable scanner of your choice should be considered as it will go a long way to make it easy for you to use the product. Even though most portable scanners on the market do not feature automatic feeders, you will a few that does. This feature is important since it will significantly make it easy for you to scan documents. Another amazing feature is wifi compatibility. Portable scanners that connect with wifi allows you to digitize documents without using any cable.

An important feature integrated with most portable scanners is the optical character recognition (OCR). although the importance of this feature will be dependent on your needs and preferences. Also, if your portable scanner does not come with this feature, you can still enjoy OCR benefits by downloading apps and software that has similar functions. Other features you should look out for are operating system compatibility, the scan of both sides of a document, as well as file format compatibility amongst others.


Power Source

Another important factor that should be considered carefully when buying the best portable scanner is the power source. You will find that portable scanners are divided into two categories in terms of their power source. While some models are battery powered, others ship with a USB thereby allowing you to connect it with your laptop, power bank, and the likes. Both types of scanners have their pros and cons thus the best one for you will be dependent on your preferences and needs.


Size of the Portable Scanner

You will find that portable scanners vary in size with each designed to cater to the needs of specific individuals. Analyze your needs and then go for a product that will serve them efficiently.


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