Co-Sleeping With Baby Do or Don’t

Co sleep baby

I co-slept with my first and I never had any trouble I would put a pilllow between her and dad since he would pass out from being so tired and I would wake up with her to do feedings and change diapers .

I also breastfed so it was very convenient. Now I remember one time being so tired and she was on my arms and that’s how we fell asleep well she slid down my belly next to my leg & that did scare me she was 2 months old so since that day I decided to feed her ans have her sleep in her crib the first few hours of the night since I knew thats when I was the most tired then about 4 hours later I’d bring her back in our bed.

Doctors Warn Against It

She is now 2 1/2 & sleeps in her own bed with no problem she loves it but sometimes will hop in bed with us. I’m going on my second baby now and I will do things just a bit different by getting him use to the crib but also co-sleep some !!! & I will definitely have baby sleep in crib if Im too tired !!!

I feel safe with co-sleeping though I just think we should be more responsible and think about what is best for our children.

For the first week that I had her, I was dealing with severe spinal migraines. I couldn’t stand or sit up without my head and neck feeling super heavy and throbbing.

The doctors finally figured it out after 5 days of me having them. I was told I have scoliosis, the needle didn’t go in my back properly, and when they took it out spinal fluid came out.

They never told me that until 5 days afterwards. Once the headaches were gone, my incision pain became more noticeable. So it was easier to have my daughter sleep on my chest.

I was breastfeeding and I slept on my back for a month. I was scared of splitting open from getting up too much. That’s the only reason why I co slept, and only for a little while because I was scared of SIDS..

I was paranoid about NOT sleeping with my baby because I worried I wouldn’t be able to hear him cough or cry if he had his own bedroom. Thankfully he got better but we continued to co sleep for a while longer.

Many Products Safely Co-Sleep

I am a super light sleeper and can wake up at any noise whereas my husband who is 80% deaf in both his ears is a solid sleeper. Even when we have a baby in our bed, he knows and has never had an issue.

While I love my babies being close, I sleep much better having my own sleeping area and not constantly worrying or feeling like falling off the edge of the bed.

They usually only sleep in our bed when they’re sick or have fevers because I don’t want them spiking a dangerously high fever and me not being able to help it.

Parents Needs Vs Society Pressure

In the end we all do what works for our family, if you want to sleep with your babies/toddlers then do so safely. I like my own space and prefer not to get kicked and pushed all night long.

The only downside is it definitely takes away from my husband and I’s privacy in the bedroom. I believe the act of co sleeping is different depending on the person . if you are a heavy sleeper or drinker I would for sure recommend not could sleeping with your child.

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