DIY Mouse Traps With Bottle

Peppermint oil on cotton balls. The scent is too strong , discomforting their little noses and disrupts their scent path. It’ll also keep spiders, roaches and ants away. So.. yeah. It’s like 6$ for an 8oz of peppermint oil and all you need is like 3 drops per ball per space/area. Replace monthly, everything smells good and no bugs\mice. If you know were the mouse hides try rubbing alcohol.

via Gfycat

Honestly, it doesn’t hurt cats or dogs. They won’t want to smell it is all, so don’t do more than 3 drops kind of thing. But yeah, I do it with our parrots and dogs (everything else I have (reptiles, rodents, fish) are just not around it and nobody seems to care. Dogs’ll sniff it and be on their way. Won’t hurt em

The cheapest is a long neck wine bottle bit of cheese or bread in the bottom—LAY THE BOTTLE DOWN place the neck of the bottle on a bath sponge pointing upwards no top on bottle mouse goes in cannot escape on slippery slope to get out. I have caught hundreds of mice in this trap this way once had four mice in one bottle.

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